Nepotism; Hollywood's Dirty 'Secret'

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Did you learn of nepo babies you weren't aware of?

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    Apr 27, 2020
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    Someone compiled this list (I would ignore their Salty biased opinions) of 854 nepotism babies in hollywood that we know of.

    A lot of them are terrible actors/models but some of them are exceptions.

    The ones that made the most sense to me as being nepo were:

    • Blake Lively
    • Minka Kelly
    • Rashida Jones
    • Emilia Fox
    • Zooey Deschanel
    • Kristen Johnson
    • Dakota Johnson
    • Sarah Silverman
    • Taissa Farmiga
    • Hero Fiennes-Tiffin
    • Maya Rudolph
    • Tyler Posey
    • Jack Dylan Grazer
    • Alicia Vikander
    • Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy in TVD)
    • Sarah Hyland
    • Alexandra Daddario
    • Amanda Holden

    Newer addition to the list:
    • grace van dien (chrissy cunningham on ST)
    (she was alright but haven't seen her really pull focus)

    A lot of other honorable mentions but most of them are so severely typecast that we'll never know if they have range (my guess is this is by design).
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