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  1. Eléa

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    Apr 27, 2020
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    I've seen many typing systems before try and definitively write down their formula for finding your perfect wardrobe but the truth is far more loose and abstract.
    I hope you'll trust my findings. I'm an unbiased party who isn't after any financial reward.
    I simply want to help others find what makes them look and feel at home.
    This is my styling system based off of various existing systems.
    I've grown very tired of a lot of the typing systems because of how overcomplicated they have become.
    This is gonna be my thread to explain my system and helpful tools to aid you in learning to dress for yourself.

    There's 3 stages that will allow you to craft outfits that fit you seamlessly;

    1) Body Type (Physique)
    2) Color Season (Coloring)
    3) Essence (Face)

    There is, of course, interplay between these stages but I keep them separate to make things easier to digest.
  2. Eléa

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    Apr 27, 2020
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    Stage 1: Body Type

    This first part is establishing each visual component and which is your most prominent, second most, third most, etc.
    I borrow from the kibbe system for these types but I'm going to use popular imagery to make things easier to understand.

    I trust you're all familiar with the Spice Girls. There's a big contributing factor that made them instantly recognisable and allowed everyone to identify with at least one member.

    They each represent one of the underlying visual components.
    We are NOT looking at the actual members' types.
    We ARE looking at what visual identity they each represent.

    There are 5 visual components, they are listed in order of most yang presenting to most yin presenting.
    Most people will be a combination of three components that fit together to create their physique.
    Your three visual components should be listed in order of most to least dominant.

    Scary is ....The Dramatic

    The Dramatic is ruled by visual length.
    You look tall even if you are not.
    You have a smaller head that makes you look taller in photos.
    You have long, lithe limbs.
    Your torso is on the longer side.

    Sporty is ...The Natural

    The Natural is ruled by visual width.
    You give the appearance of being strong and athletic even if you yourself are not.
    You easily gain muscle when working out.

    Posh is ......The Classic

    The Classic is ruled by symmetry.
    You look moderate in all aspects.
    Nothing leans predominantly more yin or more yang.
    You appear close to the centre of the scale.
    Your head appears neither big nor small for your body.

    Baby is ......The Gamine

    The Gamine is ruled by Petite-ness.
    You look petite even if you are not.
    You head appears big for your body.
    You often get mistaken for being younger than you are.

    Ginger is ...The Romantic

    The Romantic is ruled by curve.
    Your curves are the first thing people notice.
    Your bust and hips stay prominent regardless of your weight.

    There are 5 visual components, they are listed in order of most yang presenting to most yin presenting.
    Most people will be a combination of three components that fit together to create their physique.
    Your three visual components should be listed in order of most to least dominant.

    For example, I identify as a;


    This means my most dominant visual component is width, followed by curve, followed by length. I look slim and athletic with added curve in my bust and hips.

    So what this translates to essentially, is the order in which I need to accommodate for each component in my clothes.
    I need there to be width accommodation, curve accommodation (and waist emphasis), and lastly slightly longer or more flowing pieces that accommodate my visual length.

    Here is an example breakdown of my specifications for a top;

    • straps that taper in more where the fabric meets the top of my shoulder (thick straps add unnecessary bulk for a predominantly natural type like me who has slightly wider shoulder span).

    • the straps themselves need to fan out as in point away from the neck, not towards. If they point towards, they can make the area look bulky and unharmonious.

    • either the top is hemmed just above the waist or it has some complementary slimming feature like a wrapped element that helps to nip in the waist.

    • has a relaxed element e.g: woven texture, wispy sleeves, etc.

    Screenshot_20220808-044419_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20220808-050229_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20220808-050438_Samsung Internet.jpg

    (It should be noted I have a wider breastplate but smaller ribcage and therefore waist so if you have similar body type but a larger ribcage you will need to make some alterations to get it perfect for you. I'm an outlier as far as most natural types are concerned)
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  3. Eléa

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    Apr 27, 2020
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    Stage 2: Color Season

    The second stage is all about coloring, the coloring of your natural hair, natural skintone and natural eyes.
    Coloring has 2 key aspects; temperature and saturation.
    I use these words to describe each aspect because most people are at least somewhat familiar with these terms from simple photo editing.

    Value and contrast are not aspects of the color itself, they simply dictate how light or dark your colors should be.

    1) Temperature is where you sit on the spectrum of warm or cool colors.
    When you add more yellow to a color, it becomes warmer. [+=]
    When you add more blue to a color, it becomes colder. [
    Are you made up of mostly warm or mostly cool colors?

    Value is how light or dark a color is.
    If you take a picture of yourself and edit it to be black and white, is it your skin, hair or eyes that are the lightest? Which is the darkest? Do they all blend together or does one jump out at you?
    □= the features that appear closest to black are high in value
    = the features that appear a mid gray color are medium in value
    = the features that appear closest to white are low in value

    Contrast is the difference in value between your features.

    Do your irises show up very light but your hair is very dark and your skin is either very light or very dark? You have high contrast between those features. iris + ■ hair + ■/□ skin

    Do they barely differ in value? All your features kind of blend together?hair +iris + skin
    You have low contrast.

    Do you have very dark skin and irises but your teeth and sclera are very light? You have high contrast. □ skin + □ iris + sclera, teeth

    3) Saturation

    How saturated a color is is how much or how little grey is added to that color.

    A highly saturated color has barely any gray
    This is known as a bright/clear color.

    A low saturated color has more gray in it
    This is known as a soft/muted color.

    Look at your hair, eyes and skin color. Are they closer to a pure saturated color? Or do they have more gray mixed in?

    Now you've got your criteria, you need to combine these aspects to get your color palette.

    Just like in stage 1, we are listing each aspect in order of how dominant they are.

    For example;
    Though I am very highly contrasted, the saturation of the colors of my features win out against the individual values, if your features are more dark or light than they are bright or muted and cool or warm then be sure to list that first.
    My most prominent aspect is saturation.
    I'm very highly saturated. I am made up of very bright/clear colors.

    My second most prominent aspect is temperature
    and it's very apparent I'm on the cooler side.

    saturated(bright) + cool = bright winter

    Alongside the 2 aspects, we have the value and contrast necessary to look at home on us
    My hair is very high in value, my skin is very low in value and my irises are very low in value (with a limbal ring that is high value) and very low value sclera.
    ■ hair +
    skin + eyes sclera■limbal ringiris


    • Bright Spring = bright + warm

    • True Spring = warm + bright

    • Light Spring = light + warm

    • Light Summer = light + cool

    • True Summer = cool + muted

    • Soft Summer = muted + cool

    • Soft Autumn = muted + warm

    • True Autumn = warm + muted

    • Dark Autumn = dark + warm

    • Dark Winter = dark + cool

    • True Winter = cool + bright

    • Bright Winter = bright + cool
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    Apr 27, 2020
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    Stage 3: Essence

    Stage 3 is using the same visual identities of Stage 1 but they are applied differently in terms of faces.

    I have ordered the stages in this way because your color season can also play a big part in your essence.
    Also not everyone's face has the same visual identity as their body. It can be one of many combinations which splits it up into even more subcategories.

    You're all familiar with the concept of high trust and low trust, the former looking more like Prey and the latter the Predator.
    Think of the yin and yang scale in this context.

    Dramatic is most yang, resembling an apex Predator. Looks very intimidating on first impressions. Prominent Cheekbones, longer face (remember dramatic is ruled by visual length). Thin nose and lips (relative for your phenotype). Angular jaw, closely spaced eyes.

    Natural is the next most yang. Wider face and wider spaced features. Blunt edges, taut skin, shield-like face shape more often than not. Warrior-like face. Broad, blunt, prominent jaw often with lower gonial angle. Taut, straight, strong, and broad lips. Wide, blunt nose for your phenotype. Long, widely spaced eyes.

    Classic is the middle ground. They are ruled by symmetry. They are almost supernaturally symmetrical. Not overly chiselled or overly lush.
    No feature sticks out, every feature is perfectly matched to the others. Eyes are normally set.

    Gamine is eclectic. Leaning more yin because of the scale, but the features themselves are a mixture. Do you have a very sharp nose but more round romantic eyes? Do you have taut thin lips, small mouth but you're very babyfaced in the cheeks? Do you appear impish, mischievous, youthful? Tapered jawline,

    Romantic is the most yin. Features are rounded, lips are lush and rounded, jawlines are soft, facial flesh is more generous even when you're thin. Small nose with a sofly rounded tip. Very rounded, very large eyes.

    Personally, I'm a mix of natural, romantic and dramatic. So, in my case, my face fits my body.
    This makes things a lot easier.

    To break things down, I have the base of a natural with some romantic features like lush lips and large eyes. My dramatic part comes from my prominent cheekbones.

    When you add in your contrast level, things get easier to determine. Higher contrast is more yang and lower contrast is more yin so my high contrast cements me on the more yang side. All things considered, I sit somewhere between natural and classic.

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    This post is so complete thank you!!
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  6. Eléa

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    I'm so glad u liked it, ur so welcome :)

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