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$ 104
  • Facial Analysis
  • Breakdown of flaws/best features
  • List of surgeries with most potential to improve facial aesthetics
  • No Image Editing


$ 199
  • Facial Analysis
  • Image editing to show possible results
  • Custom Plastic Surgery plan
  • Aesthetic Breakdwon of Each Surgery

In Person

Special Request Only
  • In-person consultation
  • Most in depth facial analysis
  • Craft your plastic surgery plan
  • Help with choosing your plastic surgeon

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How does this work?

After completing your order, send a message to with a description of what your goals are with plastic surgery and a few pictures of your face from different angles. From there I will reply to you and get everything started!

Can we ask you further questions about the plastic surgery plan

Of course, ask me anything you’d like. I’m here to help. This doesn’t end once I send you the edit and the recommendations.

What kind of Images are best?

Pictures taken with a high quality camera in a balanced light setting are the best for image editing. Pictures in natural sunlight are not optimal for analysis/editing. 

Selfies are the worst kind of pictures because the lack depth perception and are often warped depending on how close to your face the camera was. This is not so much a problem for facial analysis, but it hinders my ability to edit your pictures.

 See the type of pictures I edit on my instagram (@mybeautyconsultant), those are the preferred type of pictures.

Lastly,  send honest pictures, the less angles and facial expression are used, the more in depth analysis I can provide. 

How much does the In-Person Consultation cost?

I have not put a number on it, but a lot. It will depend on if I come to you, or vice-versa. The price will change depending on the need for travel, length of stay, and other factors.

Needless to say, this package will be a lot more expensive that the orders. For most people this is overkill, but just in case there’s someone out there with lost of money to spare who would like my services in person, I though it would be wrong to deny them 😉


Is it ok to send pictures with makeup?

Yes, it is actually preferred. Pictures with makeup results in a higher quality edit. I only ask that you do not send pictures with fake eyelashes. 

Don’t stress about it, if theres any problems with the pictures I’ll let you know!

What are the Advantages of Plastic Surgery Consultation?

Plastic surgery can get overwhelming and too often patients decide to just “jump right in” without fully understanding the aesthetic risks and benefits of their chosen surgery. This is what often leads to botched results .

Unlike plastic surgeons, I make no extra money if you actually follow through with plastic surgery or not. I will give you a completely honest answer for everything, there is no motive for me to persuade you to getting unnecessary surgeries. I will tell you if a surgery is not right for you even if thats not what you want to hear. I will help you choose the surgeries that offer the most benefit and have the least relative risk.